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Abortion-Related Violence
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Believe It Or Not!
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Abortion seems to attract violence. See the side of abortion violence the mainstream covers up.

Abortion-Related Violence Against Women
Pregnant women can be subjected to threats, assault, and even murder when they refuse abortions.

Abortion trauma blamed in toddler's death
A girl who slammed a toddler she was babysitting two days after undergoing an abortion is being defended on the grounds that she snapped under post-abortion stress.

"Clinic Violence On the Rise"
From The Wanderer. Violence against pro-lifers escalates. Scroll down past code at top of page.

Clinic worker commits suicide
The worker had removed both arms from the late-term fetus when the rest of the baby came out -- alive. The baby was left in a sink to bleed to death. Unable to cope, the man killed himself.

John Baxter Hamilton, Abortionist and Wife-Killer
Dr. Hamilton was convicted of the brutal Valentine's Day murder of his wife. He was a prominent Oklahoma City obstetrician, gynecologist and abortionist.

Berks County Law Enforcement Takes Side of Attacker
Sandwich shop owner is not a hero.

Fugitive keeps giving the slip to fed agents
Waagner, of Kennerdell, Venango County, was convicted on a raft of federal charges after a multistate crime rampage during which he said he stalked -- but could not bring himself to kill -- abortion providers.

"Christians For Life Solve Bomb Scare"
Mystery device traced thanks to pro-life efforts.

"Clinic Escort Assaults 77-Year-Old Woman"
Elderly Marjorie Rankin suffers chest pains after assault by 31-year-old Veronica Speedwell. Escorts drench children on 40-degree day.

John Salvi & the Insanity Defense
Realtime files and transcripts related to the sanity hearings on John Salvi, the Brookline gunman.

"Melee Breaks Out at Abortion Clinic Protest"
An article and transcript of radio interview with prolifers injured by clinic employees.

"Michael Griffin: The Making of a Murderer"
A pro-life musing on why Griffin snapped and decided to take the law into his own hands.

Police, Abortion, and the Double Standard
When on-duty cops abuse prolifers, all it elicits from the prochoice is a collective yawn, if not outright glee and admiration. But let two off-duty cops show up at a prolife event, and the entire social structure is threatened.

More Invisible Prochoice Violence
Again we take a look at stuff that doesn't make the network news when abortionists do it, such as forced abortion, wife beating, and raping little girls.

"Girlfriend Asked to Die...
...Homicide Supsect Tells Police." Murder/attempted suicide after abortion.

Pro Abortion Violence Ignored
Media coverage would lead one to believe that prolifers are violent and prochoicers are hapless victims. The evidence doesn't bear out this stereotype. But when prolifers are the victims of ideological murder or other violence, it's only considered a local story.

"Gunman Threatens Peaceful Prolifers...
...at Clinic." Justin Jordan brandishes gun, gets slap on wrist.

Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence
Redundant name (there are no pro-violence pro life groups I'm aware of), but because of the slamming we take in the press, it's handy to have a lot of prolife outrage in one place.

The Search for Eric Rudolph
From Covenant News. Enormous collection of news stories about the Birmingham bombing and the search for Eric Rudolph.

"Search for the Forest Fugitive"
When I spoke to the FBI about Eric Rudolph, they said he was more anti-government than anti-abortion. This look at the manhunt shows that his supporters share his priorities.

Study Links Abortion, Women's Violent Deaths
This makes two studies I've seen finding a link between abortion and subsequent violent death.

Why Do So Many Women Die After Abortions?
Using flawed data, abortion advocates repeatedly claim that abortion is safer than childbirth. But an unassailable study shows that women are four times more likely to die in the year following an abortion than in the year following giving birth.

What is it that suddenly pushed fringe abortion opponents over the edge into violence?

"Police Attack Pro-Lifers"
Police brutality against non-violent civil disobedience in Hartford.

Pro-Life Man Stabbed at Arkansas Abortion Facility
A pro-life advocate told police he was stabbed Saturday during an altercation with a woman outside a Little Rock abortion facility. Attorney J. Fred Hart, 51, was treated at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center for a stab wound in his side and released Saturday.

The Other Side
What you'll never see covered on CNN: Violence by pro choicers against pro lifers.

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