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Abortion Mortality
Women who pay the ultimate price for "choice"
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Believe It Or Not!
 Food for Thought
• 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury
• Abortion, Law, and Real Choice
• Abortion, Suffering, and the Chinese Widow
• The Abortion War and Communication
• Another Anti-Choice Fanatic
• Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?
• The Bad Old Days of Abortion
• Botched Abortion Leads to Amputation
• Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?
• Comparative Safety - Abortion & Stuff Folks Get Riled About
• Diane Sawyer and the Non-Story of Lawson Akpulonu
• Did I Deserve the Death Penaltyh
• Do Rape Victims Really Need Abortions?
• Fetal Diagnoses Leading to Unnecessary Abortions
• Freaks Teaches Pro-Life Lesson
• Is Childbirth Safety Relevant to Abortion?
• Is This the Face of the Enemy?
• Is 'Who Decides?' Really the Question?
• The "Koop Report" on Abortion
• LDI and the CDC
• Misplaced Priorities Cost Women's Lives
• A Mother's Nightmare
• Pro Child/Pro Choice Rings Hollow
• Question Abortion
• Stress and the Abortion Decision
• Study - Effect of Abortion Legalization on Sexual Behavior: Evidence from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Unequal Burden on the Poor?
• Unintended Late Abortions
• Unplanned Pregnancies that Worked Out
• What Real Informed Consent Would Look Like
• What's "Adequate Access" to Abortion?
• What's the Need for Abortion?
• When the POC Really is Just Tissue
• Where's the Pro Choice Movement on Elective Amputations?
• Who is the Enemy?
• Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?
• Women Who Change Their Minds After the Abortion
• Women's Rights are Common Ground
• Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws


Legalization was supposed to stop women from dying. The experiment failed.

A Glimpse Into Abortion's Past
Quotes from former Planned Parenthood Medical Director Mary Calderone on the abortion mortality issue in pre-legalization days.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Reporting of Information on 47 Death Certificates of U.S. Women who Died from Confirmed or Suspected Legal Abortion: 1972-1992
Attempting to find out to what errors or omissions may occur in death certificates of women who died from a confirmed or suspected legal induced abortion which may understate the incidence of death from legal abortion.

Abortion Advocates Get More Than Bargained For
abortion fans celebrate the anniversary of the repeal in New York, we should remember the price that was paid in women's lives.

Abortion-Related Deaths
Do prochoice claims hold water when examined?

Black Women on the Altar of Choice
A black woman is twice as likely to be sold an abortion as her white counterpart -- and is again twice as likely to suffer fatal complications.

Collateral Damage
Women who've paid with their lives for the dubious priviledge of abortion.

Comparative Safety - Abortion & Stuff Folks Get Riled About
Abortion advocates pooh-pooh the idea that there are any risks to abortion surgery. Phrases like, "It's safer than a shot of penicillin," or "It's safer than getting your tonsils out" fly around. How does abortion really compare to things we consider risky?

Criminal Abortion Deaths Uncovered
Looking back at the archives of the New York Times, we find that the authorities were alert to signs of criminal abortion deaths. Killing a woman during the commission of a crime wasn't something you could necessarily cover up easily.

Deaths Inside Abortion Clinics
While the mainstream members of both sides of the abortion debate agree that violence is wrong outside the abortion clinic, there is considerably less attention or discussion given to the deaths inside abortion clinics: the deaths of women receiving abortions.

Is Childbirth Safety Relevant to Abortion?
apologists fall back on the old standby, "Well, it's still safer than childbirth." Is the comparison valid?

Legal Abortion Deaths: Reported, Unreported, and Covered Up
Research by James Miller of Human Life International.

Skeletons in the Prochoice Closet
Rightgrrl's Abortion Mortality Watch

The Fruits of Roe vs. Wade
The Supreme Court invites death in through the front door.

The Life Dynamics Abortion Deaths
The women from the Life Dynamics Tombstone Project poster.

What Minnesota Found
A review of a pre-legalization maternal mortality study.

Why Do So Many Women Die After Abortions?
A comprehensive study in Finland found that women were four times more likely to die in the year following an abortion than in the year following a birth.

Why U.S. Abortion Mortality Statistics Are Meaningless Best of the Net
An extensive look at the Centers for Disease Control's shabby abortion mortality data.

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