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Abortionists of the Roe Era
Who did abortions in the era of abortion-on-demand?
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Abortionists of the 20th Century
Abortionists of the illegal era.

Acharya, Vasant
Acharya was an abortionist at Midwest Population Center.

Acosta, Julio B.
Acosta worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Detroit, Michigan.

Allred, Edward C.
Inventor of the "assembly line abortion," supporters say he did for abortion "what Ray Kroc did for hamburgers."

Anderson, Kevin Paul
This Pasadena abortionist was convicted of strangling his business partner, a pregnant mother of two young children.

Banchongmanie, Ronachai
His RELSCO abortion facility had no place for anybody to wash their hands in the exam rooms.

Barquet, Luis
Cuban criminal abortionist Luis Barquet succesfully challenged Florida's abortion law, paving the way for back alley butchers to flourish legally in Florida.

Berdiel, Liza
Liza Berdiel, an employee at the Pleasant Woman's Pavilion, was charged with thee counts of theft by deception for charging each of the women $380 for injecting them with abortion drugs.

Braemer, Nicholas
Braemer surrendered his license in a negotiated settlement with the California medical board.

Bickham, Arnold
Bickham lost his medical license twice: once for selling abortions to non-pregnant women, and once for shoving a teenage abortion patient out the door to die.

Brookman, Harvey
This Pennsylvania abortionist performed about 2,400 "procedures" without insurance, including an incident three in which a 17-year-old abortion patient had to be flown to the hospital.

Bunyaviroch, Sunthorn
Sunthorn Bunyaviroch practiced in New York City.

Burnhill, Michael
Pro-abortion activist and researcher, heavily involved in Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

Carhart, Leroy
In the news for his support of late abortions and fetal tissue harvesting. What's his background?

Carlos, William
Abortionist William Carlos hired two gunmen to kill fellow abortionist Lynn Weller, who was having an affair with Carlos' ex-wife.

Casso, Jose
Police busted 71-year-old Jose Casso after he allegedly botched an abortion on a 16-year-old girl at his Hialeah clinic.

Comeau-Sameul, Judith
When called before the medical board in 1986, Dr. Judith Comeau-Samuel admitted to practices endangering the health of patients at her abortion clinics, but claimed that she had only done so because she was dominated by her husband and manipulated by him via voodoo.

Crist, Robert
Crist, who has had three abortion patients die in two states, dismissed a lawsuit by a grieving family as "media hype."

Dehenry, Dr. Malachy
The Alabama medical board found Dehenre guilty of gross malpractice in four abortions. In one case, a woman died 18 hours after having an abortion.

Elguindi, Dr. Ismail
This abortionist got in trouble with the medical board for tossing fetuses in the trash.

Finkelstein, Rodolfo
Finkelstein faced trial over allegations that he sexually assaulted women following abortion procedures.

Gandotra, Suresh
Gandotra performed the fatal abortion on Magdalena Rodrigues, and botched a number of other abortions. Though Gandtora didn't speak Spanish, he preyed primarily upon Hispanic women.

Gerbi, Enrique
Gerbi worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Detroit, Michigan.

Goei, Gordon
A California abortionist who got in trouble for taking advice from his Chinese cook.

Grimes, David
Former CDC employee, enthusiastic abortion supporter active in research.

Gwynne, James
Dr. John Gwynne, an associate of Harvey Karman, was convicted of the murder of his nineteen-year-old girlfriend.

Hachamovitch, Moshe
Four women are known to have died after abortions at Hachamovitch facilities.

Hamilton, John Baxter
This Oklahoma abortionist was convicted for the Valentine's Day 2001 murder of his wife.

Hayat, Abu
Back when Hayat was a member of the National Abortion Federation, he got in trouble over a patient death and a maimed baby.

Hern, Warren
Controversial high-profile abortionist and activist, nearly expelled from National Abortion Federation for reviewing abortion malpractice cases on behalf on injured women.

Hodari, Abraham Alberto
Hodari botched abortions in Detroit, and is believed to have performed the fatal abortions on Tamia Russell and Chivon Williams.

Hoke, Harold
This North Carolina abortionist got caught dumping fetuses illegally. He also performed what was supposed to be a 1st trimester abortion, only to have the patient expel a maimed 19-week fetus.

Johnson, Charles L.
Johnson was disciplined by the medical board for botching abortions in Colorado.

Karpen, Douglas A.
Karpen was sued for refusing to remove laminaria and for the abortion death of 15-year-old Denise Montoya.

Keneally, Leo
Owner/operator of the sinister Her Medical Clinic.

Knarr, William Malcolm
One of Knarr's former employees finally turned him in, leading the state medical board to suspend his license.

Knight, Sidney
New Orleans abortionist responsible for the death of Janet Blaum. Knight was also caught running fetuses down the garbage disposal.

LaBenz, C.J.
LaBenz was arrested after allowing the death of a live-born infant following an illegal third-trimester abortion.

Lal, Manohar
Lal botched abortions in Akron, Ohio.

Lichtenberg, Steve
Lichtenberg is a frequent presenter at National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminars. What NAF seems to forget is that Lichtenberg overdosed a 13-year-old abortion patient, resulting in her death.

Livingston, Robert Michael
Livingston got in trouble when a restaurant owner called the police in October of 1992 and reported that he'd caught Livingston putting ten fetuses and some bags of medical waste in the restaurant dumpster.

Match, Joel
When Match was sued for a botched abortion, the patient's attorney learned that Match had been a wife beater and a poor candidate for medical school.

Nehorayoff, Andre
Andre Nehorayoff is attempting to get his license back despite the deaths of two abortion patients under his care.

Ott, G. William Ott
Ott faced criminal charges in Nebraska.

Patel, Nareshkumar Gandalal
Patel admitted to dumping and attempting to burn at least 60 fetuses described by medical examiner as "in various states of dismemberment...and preservation" in a field.

Perry, Ed
Ed Perry botched abortions at Chattanooga Women's Clinic, the Lime 5 clinic.

Ragsdale, Richard
Illinois abortionist Richard Ragsdale died October 23, 2004, from cancer. Ragsdale's life and career included child pornography involving his own three-year-old foster daughter, along with numerous allegations of abortion malpractice.

Rajanna, Krishna
The practice of Kansas abortionist Krishna Rajanna goes beyond disgusting.

Rand, Phillip
Rand declared bankruptcy in 1992, after facing a total of 30 personal injury and malpractice suits.

Reynolds, Joe Bills
A man he'd hired as a janitor was administering anestheisa in Reynolds' filthy clinic, where he performed fatal liposution on his wife and the fatal abortion on Gaylene Golden.

Robinson, Ralph
Despite medical board disciplinary actions in several states, Robinson's Kentucky office was a NAF member, according to the 1991 Annual Report.

Ricke, P. Scott
Active in both California and Arizona, Ricke has a history of malpractice and sexual misconduct with patients. He also got caught dumping fetuses in the trash at an apartment complex.

Swate, Tommy
What kind of man is attracted to the abortion business? Tommy Swate provides an example.

Thakkar, Pravin
Just because a guy does abortions doesn't make him a champion of choice or a friend to women.

Thamrong, Benjamin P.
Why get copies of health department and medical board documents? How else can you find out what the abortionist has in his refrigerator? And abortionist Benjamin P. Thamrong had some of the strangest stuff in his.

Thompson, Flavious
New Jersey abortionist Flavious Thompson was caught flushing the remains of babies who died from abortions down a toilet and tossing bloodied materials from abortion procedures into garbage bins. Among other nasty allegations.

Tijook, Gan
Tijook botched abortions at Associated Concern, aka Pre-Birth, in Chicago.

Tiller, George
Is Tiller "a national treasure," as abortion advocates claim, or just "Tiller the Killer?"

Tucker, Tommy
Though his quackery cost at least two women their lives, pro-choice activists still preferred Tucker to no aborionist at all.

Vuitch, Milan
The late Milan Vuitch deliberately broke the D.C. abortion laws in order to challenge them. Despite a clean career as a criminal abortionist, he went on to kill two women after Roe v. Wade.

Weller, Lynn D.
Kansas City abortionist Lynn Weller was shot to death in September 1973 by gunmen hired by rival abortionist William Carlos, who was angry that Weller was having an affair with his ex-wife.

Zupnick, Gerald
Zupnick botched abortions at National Abortion Federation member Bill Baird Center.

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